domingo, 12 de octubre de 2014

Talk by Dr. Walter Mignolo, Duke Univ. “The Humanities and the Current World (Dis)order”


You are all invited to a talk by Dr. Walter Mignolo, from Duke Univ.

“The Humanities and the Current World (Dis)order”

Between 1500 and 2000, what today is named "the West" and "Western Civilization" consolidated itself and expanded all over the world. It was a period of 500 years of Westernization. That cycle ended. The rise of China is more than the rise of China, it is the growing affirmation of people and nations that have stopped obeying the West: they are engaging in a dewesternizing trajectory. This trajectory, in its politico-economic dimension, consists in economic grow (BRICS) and politico-epistemic disobedience (Russia, China, and most likely soon India). The West is responding but it is no longer able to do what has been done in 500 years; it is necessary to re-model the past in order to keep leadership of the future. On the other hand, decolonial legacies from the Cold War are not dead. They have taken a different path: no longer interested in "taking the state", decolonial work consists in shifting the geography of reasoning and emotioning, of building the communal (neither the common nor the common good), but the communal. These three trajectories (Dewesternization, Rewesternization and Decoloniality), in their diversity, overlapping, inter-sections will be at work for several decades. It is difficult to anticipate what will come next, but, at least, we should be attentive to current processes. In view of this panorama, what would be the role of the Humanities in higher education? An open question.

Free and open to all faculty, students and the community

Nov. 20, 2014

at 11am, California Room


UC Merced

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